Ford and Heroes to Hives Team Up

Beekeeper Harvesting Honey | Springfield, MO

Two important, yet often overlooked things in the United States are honeybees and veterans. Both are in need of help, which is what the Heroes to Hives program does. This nine-month program trains veterans to be professional beekeepers. Ford and Heroes to Hives will now work together to help protect our bee population and support our veterans.


Heroes to Hives is a Michigan State University Extension program. When Ford global energy systems project manager, Cormac Wright, heard about this program, he reached out to the university to learn how Ford could become involved and start a program in southeast Michigan.


“Most veterans in the state reside in Southeast Michigan,” said Heroes to Hives founder Adam Ingrao. “Ford has enabled us to provide a more accessible location for many of our Heroes to Hives participants.”


Now, five acres of the 800-acre Ford Cherry Hill Farm in Ypsilanti is being used to support the Heroes to Hives program. This will both provide a professional outlet for local veterans while also helping to sustain the critical honeybee population. In addition to supporting the Heroes to Hives program, Ford has also installed six hives at its Ford World Headquarters. These hives are home to about 250,000 honeybees.


Our team at Corwin Ford of Springfield would like to thank all veterans and active duty members of the U.S. Military for their service. We’re glad to see this program and its participants thrive.

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