Mustang and Bronco Sub-Brands May Be On the Horizon

2020 Ford Mustang Fastback Ecoboost | Springfield, MO

The iconic Ford Mustang sports car and the legendary Ford Bronco SUV are two of the most cherished products from Ford. With that popularity in mind, Ford is considering making both Mustang and Bronco sub-brands.

If Ford moves forward with this plan, the sub-brands would include different versions of each of the vehicles, as well as different body types, like two- and four-door versions of the Ford Bronco.

The Mustang and Bronco sub-brands will be similar to the way that Ford uses the F-Series to refer to a collection of trucks in different segments, both light-duty and heavy-duty. Sub-brands will give Ford more ways to introduce new models that could take the place of its traditional lineup of sedans, like a potential four-door Mustang that is rumored to be up for consideration. Rumors aside, Ford has confirmed that they’re working on a Mustang Hybrid, a model that could potentially garner more interested if it were part of a Mustang sub-brand.

Nothing about the Mustang and Bronco sub-brands is certain right now. However, it does appear more plausible that Ford could work with the Bronco name as a sub-brand in the nearer future. The vehicle’s hiatus gives it more room to be introduced and established in a new light, which means we may learn more about potential Ford sub-brands when the new Bronco us debuted soon.

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